All Brite Carpet Cleaning Health Benefits

When you walk on your carpets you can transfer dirt from your shoes to your carpet. When you walk on the carpet you rub the dirt against the fiber of the carpet and you start the process of wearing away the carpet. While vacuuming can help after a while it is not enough All Brite Deep Clean Steam Process can lift away all that dirt which can include pollens, fungi, bacteria, air pollution, cigarette smoke, car exhaust and hundreds of other pollutants.
Nothing protects your investment in carpet more than a thorough cleaning by All Brite Carpet Cleaning. With low prices and state of the art equipment, your carpet is cleaned in accordance with the industry standards specified by most new carpet warranties.

A clean home is a healthy home!


Microscopic view of a soiled carpet

All Brite  Cleaning specializes in Carpet, Furniture, Rug  and Hard  Floor Cleaning

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